Simone Butini

Simone Butini has studied with Moreno Volpini, Edoardo Perpich and received his diploma from the “Mascagni” Conservatoire in Livorno, Italy under the guidance of maestro Domenico Pierini (first violinist of the “Maggio Musicale Fiorentino” in Florence). He perfected his technique by attending courses organized at the Umbria Music Academy and later on the MIMESIS project, a training course at the theatre of the “Maggio Musical Fiorentino”. Butini regularly performs both as soloist as well as with chamber ensembles and orchestras, such as; the Symphonic Orchestra of Grosseto, the Maggio Musical Fiorentino, the Italian Chamber Orchestra and the Italian Ensemble. He has performed under directors such as Lanzetta, Zanetti, Salemkur, Nir Kabaretti, Bellugi and Zubin Mehta. He has been a member of the “Artemide” quartet since 2003. Butini currently teaches violin at the “Il Trillo” school of music in Florence.