About the Trillo

The Trillo was founded in 1999 with the idea of giving a chance, to those who wish it, to begin studying music with classes for all levels and ages. Our main objective is facilitating a practical and direct learning, through experienced professionals and new teaching methodologies applied to music. Right from the first lesson students acquire a method to make music, both by themselves and with others.
The school is divided into departments; classical music, pop/rock/jazz, higher education, childhood, and infancy (the latter is divided into two sections), music therapy and pre-academic courses in agreement with the Istituto “Franci” in Siena. All the departments offer a training divided into levels and age group.

The Trillo is not only this!

The Trillo organizes concerts and festivals in collaboration with public and private agencies of different countries in the world. The “Florence International Music: young talents in music from all over the world”  is presented every year; a concert series which introduce young soloists, orchestras, bands and choirs coming from prestigious international academies; and “Flautisti in festa” a flutes festival hosting renowned musicians for three days of studies dedicated to the flute.
The Trillo offers training to teachers of public and private schools and collaborates with innumerable State schools of the Tuscan territory for music education projects.