Carlo Bonamico

Born in Florence (Italy) on October 1, 1972, he approached music very young by studying classical guitar and piano, and at the age of 14 he started to play electric bass.
At the beginning, he studied with pop-rock musicians, then with jazz musicians, like Ares Tavolazzi.
In the meantime, he studied jazz arrangement and started to take interest into composition.
Very soon he became member of many rock/blues bands and collaborated with some artists of the national and international scene (as James Thompson, Gordon “sax” Beadle, Leonardo Boni). He also took part in the Ballroom Dance Band, a big band directed by Dario Cecchini (current leader of the Funk Off band),  with whom he recorded the homonymous CD in 1998.
Since 1996 he has been collaborating in the pop-rock area, both for live playing and recording sessions (for example with Marco Parente, Medilatina and La Camera Migliore, a band produced by the famous artist Carmen Consoli). Meanwhile, he has got experience in many jazz combos, from trio to big band, and so he has had the opportunity to play with many jazz musicians of the Florentine territory (Alessandro Galati, Mirko Guerrini, Walter Paoli, Dario Cecchini, Piero Borri, Stefano Scalzi, Fabrizio Morganti, Claudio Giovagnoli, Riccardo Onori, Fabrizio Mocata, Luca Gelli…). From 1998 to 2004 he was member of the Soul & Energy trio (with Sergio Montaleni and Davide Lenti  “Malito” ), a funk-rock band which played on many Italian stages and abroad. In 1999 he approached Latin music and collaborated with the Cuban violinist Ruben Chaviano, the guitar player Mino Cavallo and the percussionist Valerio Perla, in a band called  Bye-Ya. Since 2002 he has been leading Musicheria, a project exploring frontiers between world-music and jazz, of which he  is composer and arranger
As a free lance, he collaborated with several jazz artists of the national and international scene  (Fabio Morgera, Andy Gravish, Perico Sambeat, Daniele Gorgone, Ruben Chaviano, Franco Santarnecchi, Simone Graziano, Stefano Tamborrino, Claudio Giovagnoli, Duccio Bertini, Dario Cecchini, Alessandro Lanzoni and many others). He is the founder of MUSICADABRA–collettivo musicisti compositori, an association of musicians and composers which promotes original jazz projects ( In 2010 he achieved the second level-diploma in Jazz Arrangement and Composition at the “Luigi Cherubini” Conservatory of Florence. Since 1997 he has been teaching music in various institutes and schools.


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Luis Ricardo Da Silva Sousa

Luis Ricardo studied under the guidance of Zequinha Galvao at the School of Music in Brazil, specializing in drums and percussion. His completion of “Corso International de Verào-Emb,” an international summer music program, allowed him to work under Josè Eduardo Nazario. Luis’ performing career includes work with BSB Musical Academy (Brazil), BEMOL Academy of Music (Brazil), Latin-American music and a special genre of latin-jazz throughout Europe with other Brazilian musicians such as, Armando Chu, Dudu Tuti, Edel “doctor Samba” and Eudinho Soares. Luis has collaborated with various musical groups including Tukaia during his Torino years, where they recorded the album “Tukaia….What is Axe”. Currently, he is involved with numerous projects including: Trio Xamegompb (Latin-American Jazz), Balango Beat (percussion group), Timbales and the Luis Lima Band. Luis has celebrated many years as a successful instructor in Italy and is dedicated to teaching his passion.


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Nicoletta Maggino

Nicoletta Maggino began training as an opera singer at 15. She completed her musical studies at the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole and has attended master classes of renowned opera singers (Gino Bechi, Giuseppe Taddei, Ileana Cotrubas, Walter Blazer, Julia Hamari, Elly Ameling). Nicoletta has performed in numerous concerts around the world, opera performances (Teatro Comunale di Firenze, Teatro La Scala di Milano) and musical competitions. She teaches young opera singers and introduces them to classical repertoire. In addition, Maggino prepares soloists and choruses for auditions in theater and recording performances, concerts, contests, television programs, and opera performances, such as Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Festival dei Due Mondi di Spoleto, and Festival Mozart di Roveretoa. Maggino  has worked with artists such as Z. Mehta, G. Sinopoli, R. Abbado, S. Osawa, L. Dodin, D. Dorn, C. Saura. She taught opera, gave vocale advice and directed choruses at Scuola di Musica di Fiesole (from 1986 to 2000). In 2000 she began teaching opera and singing-technique at “Scuola di Musica Il Trillo” in Florence. She is a specialist in teaching Bel Canto and has a substantial amout of experience teaching Italian diction to singers from around the world.

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Antonio Scaramuzzino

Antonio Scaramuzzino teaches classical guitar, lute and mandolin at Il Trillo. He has studied with Leo Brouwer and David Russell. Antonio is constantly discovering new methods and techniques for the guitar and mandolin, from ancient music (“Cantigas de Santa Maria”, “Libre Vermell”, “Carmina Burana”) to renaissance music (Ricercari, Danze, Villanelle) and contemporary music. Along with his teaching, Antonio is part of several chamber ensembles and is continuing his academic research. As a concert musician, he participates in various festivals and renaissance/medieval conventions in Italy and throughout Europe (France, Urbino, Pesaro, Rimini, Ancona,etc.). He plays with the medieval and renaissance ensemble “Laudare et delectare” whom have been critically acclaimed.

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Manuela Romanelli

She graduated with the highest vote in the” Cherubini” Conservatory in Florence with the Renzo Pelli. She achived the Diploma of Advanced Flute and Diploma Master (honorable mention) Chamber Music in duo with piano at the Academy of Imola with the masters Cambursano, Valentini, Masi and Altenberg Trio. She studied with Pretto, Tonelli and Mazzanti. She has been part of the Italian Youth Orchestra conducted by Muti, Abbado, Iron, Inbal, Tate and Orchestra of Prato, Grosseto, Lucca etc.. She play whit  “Orchestra del Carmine” in Florence. She teaches flute in the School of Music Il Trillo Florence.

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Matteo Dentellato

With a diploma in classical piano, Maestro Matteo Dentellato perfected his technique while working with prestigious musicians at the Conservatory “Morlacchi” of Perugia in the “International Musical Interpretation” program studying under Maestro Guido Agosti. Matteo also took part in the “Composition and Analysis of Modern Music” program at the music school of Fiesole, studying under Maestro Sylvano Bussotti. At the Music Academy of Pescara, under Maestro Franco Donatoni, he studied “Modern Composition” and shortly thereafter headed to Paris to complete various seminars in electronic music through IRCAM. He was chosen to record a concert for R.A.I television as a promising young pianist. In the field of contemporary and electronic music, Matteo has performed in numerous concerts for theatre and dance. As the director of the Centro Cultura Contemporanea of Florence, Matteo was asked to compose music for an installation project of young artists from Berlin. Aside from performance, Matteo specializes in music education and has taken part in numerous courses in new teaching methods for children. He utilizes these skills during informative courses which enlighten the relationship between children’s literature and music. His work in this field has been represented at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome and at the Teatro Comunale in Florence. Maestro Dentellato is currently the director of “Il Trillo” School of Music in Florence

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Maria Clara Medina

Maria Clara Medina received her diploma in classical piano from the Conservatory of Florence under C. Saldicco and in chamber music under Piernarciso Masi at the International Piano Academy (“Incontri con il maestro di Imola”). She perfected her technique studying under V. Berman. She graduated with honors from the University of Florence with a degree in philosophy (Prof. S. Givone) and based her thesis on the many philosophies and theories of music. She has received many first place prizes in various national competitions. She studied at the Salzburg Summer Academy with S.Perticaroli taking part in master-classes by Piernarsciso Masi and Aquiles Delle Vigne. As a soloist and a chamber musician, Maria Clara performs frequently throughout Italy and Europe (Lugano, Trani, Paris, France, Salzburg, Rome etc..). A part from her performing career, she maintains a private studio teaching piano and chamber music. She also organizes concerts, master-classes and seminars on music-teaching methods in addition to a variety of standard music courses. In collaboration with the city of Florence and the state school system, Maria Clara also organizes musical activities and awareness for the young musici.

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Ilaria Ceccherini

Ilaria Ceccherini began studying modern voice with Susy Bellucci, then continued with Mya Fracassini, and later on with Stefania Scarinzi at the CAM School of Music in Scandicci. Ceccherini also studied bel canto with Valerio del Piccolo and scat  improvisation with Titta Nesti. In 1996, she attended the Berklee School Clinics in Perugia. In 1998; she took part in a vocal seminar with Tiziana Ghiglioni and in 2005, a scat workshop with Sheila Jordan. Ilaria sings blues and jazz with a variety of bands, among which: the acid jazz group, Urban Tribe. She sang in the gospel choir Vocimania for ten years, in the praise/gospel sextet,  Aisha of the Adventist Church in Florence and in the accappella quintet, Redi 47, with songs arranged by Leonardo Pieri. Her first students were her collegues singers of the choir Vocimania. She has taught at the Accademia di S. Felice, at the school All Music in Florence and at the Lab Studio in Prato.  In 2000, she created the Shadows and Light Trio, interpreting some of the most known tracks of Joni Mitchell  in collaboration with guitarist Andrea Bonardi and percussionist/ drummer Riccardo Innocenti.  In 2002, she became a member of the company Kasparhauser where she played the role of Eddie in the musical “Rocky Horror Show” and took part in the choir, in many theatres and also at the Sashall Theatre in Florence. She is also one of the four backing vocals in “A Day in the Life”, an original production of the company, based on the music of the Beatles, on stage at the Puccini Theatre in Florence.  In 2004, she founded the coverband The Rain Dogs interpreting Tom Waits songs, arranged by Lorenzo Vezzali also on the double bass, Ian Da Preda on the vibraphone And Aldo Viti on the drums. She is now collaborating with the pianist Lucia Porri in a musical theatre project The ladies of the Musical Theatre.

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Simone Butini

Simone Butini has studied with Moreno Volpini, Edoardo Perpich and received his diploma from the “Mascagni” Conservatoire in Livorno, Italy under the guidance of maestro Domenico Pierini (first violinist of the “Maggio Musicale Fiorentino” in Florence). He perfected his technique by attending courses organized at the Umbria Music Academy and later on the MIMESIS project, a training course at the theatre of the “Maggio Musical Fiorentino”. Butini regularly performs both as soloist as well as with chamber ensembles and orchestras, such as; the Symphonic Orchestra of Grosseto, the Maggio Musical Fiorentino, the Italian Chamber Orchestra and the Italian Ensemble. He has performed under directors such as Lanzetta, Zanetti, Salemkur, Nir Kabaretti, Bellugi and Zubin Mehta. He has been a member of the “Artemide” quartet since 2003. Butini currently teaches violin at the “Il Trillo” school of music in Florence.

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Claudio Ingletti

Born in Empoli 24 February 1976, he began to study the saxophone at age 13. He has attended seminars with musicians     such as G.Garzone, E.Henderson, J.Ramsey, G.Cazzola, T.Lama, N.Gori, E.Cisi, G.Smulyan, S.Cocco Cantini,     S.Bernstein, Don Byron, P.Tonolo, F.Morgera. Since 1993 began playing in theaters, clubs, festivals, radio. He has     performed numerous concerts with Big Band, Jazz Band, Street Band, Ensemble passing from classical chamber music to     popular music, from lounge to jazz. Currently is a member of the Freedom Trio, Trio Godot, Metsche’ Dersche ‘, Rainbow     Orchestra,  Evolution Orchestra ( Leader F. Morgera ), Eskimo Jazz Band. Since 2011 he plays together with all ‘    “Underdog Project 4et” directed in collaboration with vibraphonist Ian Da Preda. Also in 2011-2012, composed and plays the music for the show “Cuccuruccuccu ‘e il lupo non c’e’ piu’” and “Adesso Ti Mangio!” based on a text by Italo Calvino’s” Fiabe Italiane”, performed live at the Museo Marino Marini in Florence and at the Teatro Everest . He played with the Open Combo directed by Silvia Bolognesi, with Rossano Emili, Andrea Melani, Ian Da Preda, Cristiano Arcelli, Piero Bittolo Bon. He has collaborated with the “New York University Big Band” playing with guitarist Wayne Krantz. He played the baritone for the music of “Peter and the Wolf in Jazz” with jazz ensemble of the Conservatory “L. Cherubini” in Florence,  arrangements and the conduct of the m. Riccardo Fassi. In the years 2005-2006 he worked as a baritone with the group phonographic “RAPSODI”, taking part in Radio Tre Suite (“La Stanza della Musica”) and important literature festival (Salerno, Alcamo, Rome) with the show “Nugae d ‘Espressione “. From 2001 to 2004 he took part in the “Terni Jazz Orchestra” conducted by M.Omicini. Playing the Festivals of Terni in Jazz, Vasto and Rome, having as guest musicians such as G.Garzone, E.Henderson, M.Manzi, J.Ramsey. The orchestra took part in more times to live broadcasts on Radio Tre.

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